Tjapko Vermeulen

Tjapko Vermeulen

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about Me

Interaction & UX Designer

With a master’s in interaction design, a bachelor’s in industrial design and a minor in software I am an interaction and UX designer with an affinity for programming. I have experience with both physical and digital products but have a preference for the digital world. I am someone who flourishes while working in teams and believe the best design comes from collaboration and fruitful discussion.

What I Like to do


I like to tackle design challenges within the context of user behaviour and experience.


In my designs I like to use nudging and elements of gamification.


I like to create designs that are in the digital and cyber-physical space.

Graduation Project

For my graduation, I researched on designing intelligent artefacts, their interactions and how data could be used in the process in the context of leisure in the living room.
The result of this was a smart pillow that could actively provide comfort to users through hugging and by helping them to avoid slouching. Crucial to achieving this result was creating a digital representation of the pillow and its sensors. This was then used in unison with results from traditional methods such as observation to gain novel insights.

This project was exhibited at the Dutch Design Week and in collaboration, with my supervisors, we are currently in the process of writing and publishing a paper based on my graduation.

CTOUCH Leddura 2Meet

The aim of this project was to improve the experience when using the CTOUCH while collaboration in a meeting.
The CTOUCH is a big interactive screen that is supported by an app. It is designed to be used in a business meeting, performing as a multifunctional big screen. To improve the experience using the CTOUCH, the product and context was analysed. Afterwards, two rounds of redesigns and users test were executed. Through this, the user interface and experience were iteratively improved.

Minor in Software

In my bachelors, I minored in software engineering at the TU Delft. During this, I followed several courses in computer science and did a project where we had to apply our knowledge and create a game in Unity.
During this time I learned how to program in Java and C# using the Object-Oriented programming paradigm. I also took a course on computational intelligence where I learned the basic of artificial intelligence, Bayesian networks, evolutionary algorithms and neural networks. During the game development, I led our multidisciplinary team and learned how to work using Scrum.

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